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Created 1-Aug-19
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Arcs at the Los Angeles AirportIntercontinental Resort - Papeete, IR 1Infrared Hibiscus - PapeetePink flowers - PapeeteYellow flowers - PapeeteFish in the pool #1Intercontinental Resort - Papeete, IR 2Fish in the pool #2Fish in the pool #3Pitcairn Island from the southwestWaves preventing us from landing on Pitcairn Island #1Waves preventing us from landing on Pitcairn Island #2Pitcairn Island landing pointWaves crashing on Pitcairn IslandPitcairn Island from the northeastRandy Christian,- an eighth gernration Pitcairner, who nmade this wooden piece that I boughtInfrared PitcairnTrees on an islet and the shore's hillsideTree on an isletHillside trees - Pitcairn

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