I love photography! I've been photographing for over 65 years, starting with film. I developed black & white film in my bathroom and later in a darkroom, which is now a storage area, as I converted to digital cameras in 2006. One of my digital cameras had been converted to take infrared photographs. I am an avid user of Lightroom and Photoshop. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I have been active in camera clubs in the Twin Cities for over 40 years - the challenges of making prints or choosing slides for competitions keeps me active, and the feedback from the judges can be helpful. On the other side of this interaction, I have been trained to be a photographic judge and have judged both local and international competitions. I try to demonstrate how my suggestions can improve a photograph - these ideas are presented as suggestions for thought.

I have been lucky to be able to travel internationally to take photographs. In fact, I have visited all the continents with my camera(s). I have 15 slide shows (digitally projected) of different countries from my travels. I share these shows with groups through senior programs and continuing education programs.

I love walking around with my camera and just looking for interesting compositions, patterns, or activities. I prefer to go out without an agenda, so my eye can govern my choices.

I have made books of some of my travels, and I made an alphabet book of animal/bird/ photographs for my grandchildren. This book is available in the Blurb bookstore.

I have organized this site based on the locations where photographs were taken. I have also added keywords to all images. Using Zenfolio's search feature, you can collect images based on their keywords .