Melissa Terpstra(non-registered)
Hi Richard. I really liked the wallpapers from the fall leaves on fallen log photograph, especially the last one. Thanks for sharing them!
Milt Hakel(non-registered)
Dick, these are gorgeous photos - thanks for pointing me to the correct URL. I hope you will add some from the Arctic Circle trip! You have a great eye.
Bill Kaufmann(non-registered)
Wow! I'm glad you told me about the web site. The work is lovely.
Ginny Adams(non-registered)
I love your pictures. They're beautiful
bill kain(non-registered)
Kathleen B. Kain(non-registered)
I absolutely love your photography and remember well our photography trip to Peru together. You have a great eye for good shots, excellent lighting and subject placement. It is marvelous to think that you have been to all of the places that your photography represents. From your "cousin-in-law" Kathy.
Shelby Tucker(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures and such skills at crafting a website here.

Thanks, Dick.

Tom Shoop(non-registered)

This is beautiful work! I cannot critique professionally, of course, but I know what I see. I lookk forward to seeing you at PA in June. I'd bet your camera will accompany you.

Perhaps youcn treat us to a display!. Thanks, Dick. Good luck...........Tom
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